Project Diva Arcade Meiko Sega Premium Figure

There are only a handful of Vocaloid that I like beside Miku Hatsune. One of them is Meiko and when I saw the SEGA premium figure, I know I got to have one my hands on one of them.

This is how Meiko look like in Project Diva Arcade version.

And here is how the actual Premium figure looks. She is tall and sunny!

The quality of a good figure is the fact that it need to look great by all sides and this figure met that requirement to me.

The detail was there with her headphone with logo of her name on it. Unfortunately the painting was not that idea for the one that I get... Nonetheless the plastic glossy looks was actually how her costume look like in the game.

You can see the highlights of her brown hair too.

The figure actually paint the detail on her nails which she always like red nail paints.

For Meiko, she wear boots and in this pose she did a tip toe.... You maybe wondering why. The reason one a girl tip toe, the butt will look firmer and better. That is why they wear high heels.

You can see her define figure on her pose at the back but no underwear for you to look as she is wearing cycling shorts like her look in the game. 

For the down looking up, this Meiko figure still look good. Nice tummy.

Regardless the lack of good paint job, this figure still look amazing as she look just like in the game and her MV.

She seems like extending her hands to you. Would you take it?

I know I would.


Who would resist the sweet look and cool head gear ^_^

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