Project Diva Arcade Megurine Luka Sega Premium Figure

Megurine Luka is another female vocaloid that I fancy. She is one of the mature Vocaloid in the gang.
Since she have it's own Premium Figure as SEGA prize, I decided to get her.

In the illustration of the box, Luka look rather young but I am glad for once the figure look different from packaging.  

Megurine Luka is the more mature lady in the whole vocaloid gang. To me I will consider her as a woman rather than a girl.

Pink hair hardly works on mature ladies but to her it fit her really well.

You can see that her dressing are more classy with gold and brown theme. Much of the brown would make me think it is leather of some kind. She is the Number 3 vocaloid created.

The pose really bring out her figure on the whole...

Even her back pose she look sweet because of her pink hair.

Unlike Miku, she only wear one side of her arm warmer or control pad.

There is a huge golden pendant on her costume and it seems to work rather well for her style.

Next is her golden high boots. That really works for her.

Over all the wind effect and pose score for the figure and that is the reason I get this figure for display.

In short I do like Megurine Luka. She one of those few vocaloid that I like.

Do you like Megurine Luka?


I see that you are more and more into vocaloid bishoujo these days. I'm also showing more interest in bishoujo nowadays. Prize items are more affordable for me as well.

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