Minions Toys in Singapore

As the Minions movie is coming, the toys are already here, This time it seems the pricing remain on the high side compare to the last movies.

It is however consistency now around the world (even the pricing in Amazon to close to price in Singapore).

Here are what some of the the toys selling for Minions movie.

First the Goggle if the Minion that make you look like one instantly.

There are small minions will lights and sound at SGD$39.90

Theres 2 or 3 in one exchangeable Minions selling at SGD$46.95

These  4" plushes are selling at SGD$69.90

The King dressed Bob minions was selling at SGD$89.95.

The 2" plus Minions  are priced at SGD$19.90.

Then there are more tiny minion toys with different look for time and age for SGD$19.90.

Just look at their costumes...

I am quite interested in this version of Bob that come with closing of eyes by pressing the button ..

There are even a turn switch at the back of minion for you to move his eye balls .

For the bigger ones with sound and light regardless it is plushes or plastic, there are selling SGD$129.95 each.

As cute as they look, the  pricing make me consider twice in getting them.

What about you?


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