Jurassic World toys in Singapore

Dinosaurs are hitting back again thanks to the coming Jurassic World movie and this time Dinosaurs are the lead.

* Spoiler the above is the main lead. XD

So what can we expect for the toys? Well we have another chance to get a good looking T-Rex (Grimlock in Transformers 4 do not count)

There are also various scale for the Dinosaurs and some comes with action features

Some can fly and these Dimorphodon are ones of those bad guys in this movie.

If those are boring you can put these Dino head in your hands to scare some innocent friend who are unaware of it.

If you think these are too scary for your children, there are cuter ones for younger kids.

I just want to catch the movie to see how the "Star Lord" saved the world. LOL


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