Bandai Yo-Kai Watch Jibanyan Model kit

This cute cat model kit has been around for a few months and only recently I got my hand on this latest Bandai character model kit. This is Jibanyan which is taking Japan by storm right now from the Yo-Kai Watch anime series.

The first appearance of Jibanyan was a funny one which he was banged by vans or pick up several times but he cannot die because he is a spirit. That happen because the cat when he is alive was a road killed and it seems even after death it came to have such fate even in spirit.

Because he was killed by a trucks, he hated trucks and go and attack them head on.

This cute model kit is simple as design so that younger children can assemble it at ease. Even the instruction was in full color. I am not complaining.

This model kit offer different facial expression to pose and for this kit, it comes with 3 blank faces.

But the decal it offer more expression which I have to choose only 3 expression to pose unless I get another set to make it complete.

On the box, it show the full range of expression. So I have to choose 3 only...

Of course I have to make the first as the basic expression. Smiling version.

The expression can apply to many situation  such as look blur and suprised.... Oh a book! 

What kind of book is that? Wait did I see some cute cat girls in bikini?

Is that your book Jipanyan?

Ya you can denies but you cannot hide that is your liking right?

This expression make Jipanyan to be like singing too! Not a good singer it seems....

and I choose the angry expression.

Overall it also come with a stand to put all the loose option pieces together.

This Cat is cute and you can be sure more of it coming.


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