Transformers Combine War Megatron and Armada Megatron

The last Transformers Generation Combine Wars Legend class Megatron and Armada Megatron has been spotted in Singapore retail now!

This is a good looking Megatron with a twist of having a Tank mode. The paint job was metallic silver and for the size and high, it is a good Megatron for G1 lover in robot mode. The only lacking was missing tone of Purple.

With the same body but different paint (metallic dark green) and different head sculpt. it is Armada Megatron version...

Now this have the right amount of the shade of Purple. The vehicle mode is still the same Tank design.

It is on retail now at SGD$99 each.

Which one do you prefer? Megatron or Armada Megatron?


Jcee said…
I really like the silver Megatron!
LEon said…
Me too Jcee. I love the bot mode. The tank mode is so so only.

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