Transformers Year of Goat Platinum Edition Optimus Prime

Chinese New year is just a couple of weeks away and this year Hasbro release a Platinum Optimus Prime.

As a Platinum edition, this toy is packed with worthy feature of the price range. However maybe subjected by personal liking to those who like or do not like translucent parts.

Yet a Optimus Prime that complete with a trailer would already be in that price range. Some more this is just for Year of Goat.

With reflective chrome on 70% of the trailers and translucent and bronze looking parts, it is hard to say no.

Here's how the ghostly Optimus Prime look like. Pretty wicked to me.

Not to mention the trailer with reflective chrome part would kinda give a diecast feel (but it's actually plastic)

There are more detail review in the video below to further understand my point of view.

This certainly I would consider a fun toy.

This year of Goat Platinum Edition Optimus prime are currently on sales at retail department store. Go and get one if you like it!


Hasbro has paid more attention to Asia market and a reason to spend for an auspicious reason. Last year was more golden chrome if I remember. Now it's platinum ^_^

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