Re-ment Pose Skeleton Dog

Here is my second review of the Re-ment Pose Skeleton series and this time is a Skeleton Dog!

They said all dog goes to Heaven, if that is true, this dog skeleton will not be brought to life. :P

This is a quite accurate dog bone structure and it do provide some basic movement of the font legs separately but the back legs are very much limited.

You can pose it in a sitting position tho. That's quite fine but the tail there isn't any articulated choices...

As for accessories, it comes with a leash, dog bowl and a dog chewing bones...Kinda weird that the skeleton dog chew bones..

Here is another fun video of our Pose Skeleton dog in action.

I am planning to take some time in making such fun video and if you like what you are watching, please share, comment and like it to encourage us. Thank you!


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