NECA Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger 2.0 Hong Kong Brawl

When NECA first release the Pacific Rim figures, I waited out because the look wasn't that good and I wasn't so much into it. However after my child watched the movie, he was so impress with the visual effect that he started to request to have one.

By then it was quite rare to find them in the market and so we waited until NECA release the second release with a new articulation design. That mean a new mold. I finally got it and he was happy. So here is the review before he play with it.

Gipsy Danger version 2.0

Now many will take this as really version 2 because it was NECA re-design but in the movie, this same Gipsy Danger was version 2 after the first time it lost one of the pilot.

This was the Hong Kong Brawl where you see him use a ship to wrack the living daylight out of the kaiju. So this playset give him that ship.

It is worth to note that this ship do fit well with this figure in term of posing.

It really can pose like a baseball bat. :P

Or even a bazooka. Hehehe

The best pose is still the both hands holding it as a bat really to strike!

Quietly if you can to have a sneak attack!

Another weapon includes the last minute notice weapon, the sword. If they have used that earlier, they will cut down the property damages in Hongkong.  

Now with that it can strike some good looking action pose (but you need time to stable it).

As much as articulation is concern, it is a double edge sword for this figures. Because this part of the moveable feet make the figure easy to fail over.

However if patience and care, you still able to get it pose on some action but I cannot guarantee how long that will stand.

Nonetheless, this is still the best Gipsy Danger figure out in the market and it is worth getting it for a collection if you really want to have a Pacific Rim figure like my kid.

What do you think of this figure?


deSMOnd said…
I am waiting for mine too :)

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