Mobile Suit Gundam Origin 1: Blue-Eyed Casval Review

I cannot help it but when I heard there was a screening, I paid to get the ticket just to catch it on the big screen since this is the origin. And I did with a company of Dennis a Gundam lover.

If you are wondering if there are any gift for this screening, it is just one poster.

I decided to pen down my thoughts of this Origin series and if you have not watched the episode, you may not want to continue reading as it contain SPOILER ALERTS in this review as I would be as frank as possible to give you my opinion.

I went into this movie with low expectation as I did not even catch the promotional 7 minutes of the preview. I was told however the animation would have some 3D and that I do expect some.

The starting of the show was true and exciting. There was smooth 3D animation of warship and attack of the Zakus. Char was there with his red comet that as usual moving 3 x of speed. The flight and fight sequence was fantastic. The action end when the flash back happen and everything move to a slow pace and back to 2D.

Char father was emo-ing about his speech and making way too much noise in the middle of the night waking little Char up. Oh if you must know, he is in his 11 years of age when the flash back happen.

The scene move on slowly that his father before giving his speech had a heart attack and went dead on the spot. That throw the whole city in chaos. Fingers are pointing on who is the murder.

*Who is the murder? I saw someone familiar here.

Char and his family seems to take it well and everyone was calm.

I know the plot would be more politic stuff now as there are more talking and some comic relief along the way. Two parties wanted to get hold of Char and his family as bait.

* Not 50 shade of Grey

Oh by the way this movie was rated as having nudity and there was one where someone (I don't want to name who) sleeping naked alone. Hint, not so attractive ladies in this movie.

From here onward until the end of the movie, you only get to see one mobile suit which is a Guntank.

Char and his sister were rescue by one of this and Char somehow start to display his gift in piloting this Guntank. He took out 4 other Guntank single handedly until his sister asked him to stop.

With some help, he and his sister manage to smuggle to earth and the show ended on that note.

Actually no. The show roll into credits scene and a very nice song just start singing while Char start to point out the Sun, the moon and the earth to his little sister since they never seen one with their own eyes.

Minus off the first few minutes of grown up Char attack with his Red Zaku, there isn't much action. I felt they should develop these character more as I still feel not connected to Char or another characters in this movie.

Maybe they did not do so as many Gundam fans already know most of these characters and start looking back in this Origin series to know more about the past like Char. However I still feel if in time to come anyone want to know the UC series would look into this series first and may felt a bit off with the lack of character connection.

The only thing get me looking forward to the next release to see how Char will be growing up to be who we remember him by.

As me and Dennis left the cinema, I asked him if he would want to catch the next series on big screen  and we both have second thoughts if we would.

Nonetheless that does not mean I won't watch the next origin. I would but is just the matter when and where.


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