How do I score over a million in Disney Tsum Tsum? Part 1

I have been playing Disney Tsum Tsum game on my mobile device (Android version) for the past 1 month and I finally score over 1 million in points. It is not really an easy journey and I decided to share what I learned as a guide so that you who want to reached that scores can save some heart pain.

For you to practice and level up your Tsum Tsum, you must first have enough hearts. 1 Heart is equal to 1 game. Hearts are regenerating over 15 minutes and you only have maximum 5 hearts in capacity. You will have more hearts if your friends give you hearts during the day.

To have more hearts is to :
  • Have more chance to try getting more coins and obtain high score
  • To earn more gold coins to buy more TsumTsum
  • To level up your Tsum Tsum

So the important is how to earn and spend your heart. To do that you must first understand the following.

This is your own level indication which more like a show-off achievement but it served as bonus percentage whenever you complete a game. Every time to earn a level, your heart capacity will be fully restored and you earn 1 Ruby. With enough ruby you exchange gold coins so to buy more Tsum Tsum.

Note: It is important to know that when level up, all your additional heart you redeemed from messages will be wipe off clean. I will explain more at the heart timer / redeem heart storage section
Gift messages section
This section will indicate the amount of messages by the system or the gift from your friends. Maximum is only 50 messages as of now and unclaim messages only retain for 30 days.

When you click on the section it will have pop-up window to show you the messages.

If the message was sent less than 1 hour ago you would see a bonus bubble on the Check button like the first 2 messages on top. The bonus is not only 1 heart and 200 coins as well.

As much as you are excited to check all messages, I would advise on the strategy on how to maximize these  to your advantage when you read further below.

I do not recommend you claiming all your message gift at one shot as if you happen to claim all and you have extra, it will be lost when you level up or exit the game for a period of time. That mean it will not carry over. However if you did not claim in the messages, it will still be there till 30 days. So plan well.

Heart Timer / Redeem heart storage
This section served to purpose.

When you have an empty heart slot, a count down timer will be display on the next timing you will achieve a given heart by the system.

This section also will be a redeemed heart storage system when you redeem your hearts given by your friends from the gift message section. So if you happen to claim more than your 5 capacity will hold, it will appear to be a positive number of the remaining hearts you have.

Do note that in cases you level up, this section will be reset which mean all your extra hearts will be wipe back to zero.

Therefore I recommend only claim your gift messages when you have  at least 2 empty slot and claim one at a time so the countdown timing will not reset and as you can therefore play longer. You will get the heart refill without you claiming your friends gift messages to you. Isn't that great?

Active Line Friends
The next thing you need is to have addicted active Line friends that play this game to constantly send you heart. Sending heart is always a good thing to do as when the other party when claim the heart would sent you one back one at the same time.

Therefore more active friends means more chances for you to play and practice.

I will be sharing more on how to level the odds to get more than 1,000,000 in the following post.

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Continue to Part 2 on how to train and maximise your score!

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