TakaraTomy ANIA Tiger

Tiger is an amazing animal especially in the part of Asia. It is one exotic animal that many wanted to have for various reason. Because he is a king of the mountain and here is TakaraTomy ANIA Tiger.

It is true for a Tiger do live in a mountain or Jungle. They are hunters and they like to hunt for their prey when there are not looking. For that they have soft cushion paws but they are powerful with shape crawls.

As an meat eater, a Tiger can grow up between 60Kg to 170Kg depending on breed.

They are well balance and they are good swimmers.

Generally Tiger are mainly in Orange skin and black stripes but there are white tiger too.

In ancient drawing, the Tiger would have a Chinese "King" word on it's head indicating the King of the mountain. However in real life, this is very rare. The toy did put the word as a stripe on the toy head.

The only moveable part was the opening of it's Jaw. 

As a display or a toys, this Tiger would look good enough. Although I do hope there were more moveable parts to play...

Sadly of Tiger today, many wanted them for games or trophy for it's skin, tooth and even his penis. There were hunted down because of fear of safety reason but so much so they are limited in numbers only to be found in some enclosure...

I hope we humans can spare some space and understanding for these Tiger before this magnificent animal went into extinction in a generation or two.


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