STAR WARS:REVO 004 R2-D2 Coming

Coming in March 2015, Revoltech is rolling out STAR WARS:REVO 004 R2-D2

The height of this figure is 10cm and from the photo of the early look the coloring is superb.

The joint seems to be as accurate as the movie which in the product shot, it can balance using one leg.

If you need R2 to roll about, revoltech offer another leg base with wheels to be fitted in.

With 3 rollers at the base, it should roll about as in the movie.

Here is a height comparsion with the Revoltech C3PO.

The retail price is at 5,200Yen and that is all there is compare to the accessories of Hasbro Black series which offer some accessories like antenna and all that. I guess they want to keep it simple.

Have to look at the actual product to determine.


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