Re-ment Pose Skeleton & Grave Review

I have been keeping my eye peel on Re-ment latest Pose Skeleton. A well articulated figure which is just pocket size and come with quite a number of accessories selling separately. This is how the Skeleton look in it's packaging.

It has 15 point of articulation and don't be fool by the size, this skeleton is quite durable in doing pose. It comes with 2 additional hands to hold some accessories. The Jaw can be open and close too.

Accessories are sold in separate sets which are in box. Just like this Grave set which comes with it's coffin, tombstone and a Death Scythe.

This set look good with the Skeleton as it make sense that a skeleton need a place to rest and it's coffin.

For these 2 sets, I did a short clip for you guys to see how fun it can be.

I will be doing more of the series with more fun clip. So subscribe, comment or feedback as it do take time in doing these video. :)

More story later. :D


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