Dream Tomica Mothra

I stumble something unexpected when I was checking out some Tomica toys. I saw a cute looking vehicle that resemble a worm and without much consideration, I purchase it. Little did I noticed shortly it was a Baby Mothra from Godzilla!

Here is the short video review of it in double speed time. :D

I love the way they made the blue eyes as headlights and the mouth as a bummer.

From the sides, it look very compact and I love the curve that resemble the caterpillar

On the top view, you can totally see the shape of the caterpillar or worm.

At the back should be a place to store the spare tyres.

The bottom show the data of this vehicle series and licenses

Overall this is a looker and Baby Mothra vehicle look cute!

Do you like this Baby Mothra vehicle from Tomica?


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