Transformers Combiner Wars in Singapore Now

Great news Transformers fan, the original 2015 line from Hasbro Transformers Combiner wars was spotted at Singapore retail! How that happen I don't know but just hit them if you can now Transformers fan!

You will have voyager class like Optimus Prime and Silverbolt for the main body of the combiner mode.

The Deluxe class are more for the arms and legs of the Combiner mode. On retail these deluxe was selling at $31.90 SGD. Yes the price went up.

Here is an example of the Conbimer mode. You need the following to form the Ultra Prime with Optimus prime as a chest.

If you have Silverbolt, it would be another choice., you may notice the deluxe figure can be both arm or leg to this two Combiners. Interesting right?

There are some interesting G1 Transformers which I delighted to see. Like Powerglide and Bombshell! There are the Legends class but they are not as tiny as the previous Legends line. There are sold at retail for SGD$19.90 tho...

Interesting line indeed that get some G1 Transformers fan like me excited.

Do you agree?


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