Summer Surfing Santa Playmobil

I always picture Christmas will be a time of snowing and winter cold but when I saw this Playmobil, it remind me of the Christmas from down under which is hot summer time. So that is why this Santa who I assume as Australia are surfing.

He was in a blind pack and it is a easy pick when you feel the big surf board which is a giveaway there.

He comes with Santa hat, yellow Hawaii shirt, white hair and beard and the surf board.

Santa remain true to his branding with his reindeer on his personal surf board.

There is a plastic piece which is translucent that allow the figure to hold it's position so it can be really like stand firm on the surf board.

Too bad the arms cannot be raise side way to make him look really surfing.

Now looking at Santa himself, he really dress to enjoy himself. The flower pattern of his shirt look quite good...

But the print only remain on the front but not the back.

The hat and the beard can be remove and once you do, he will look super young and cool with his shade.

With the white hair, he look a bit weird tho. LOL

So that is Santa from down under! Merry Christmas mate!

Are you feeling the Christmas mood now?


Jcee said…
Oh man I sometimes wish we can have Christmas in beach weather! lol! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Jonloh said…
Cute. Reminds me of Master Roshi

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