McDonalds One Piece Nami

Time to review the last 3 characters of the McDonalds One Piece figure in Singapore. I choose to review Nami first because you know "Ladies first" policy. LOL

Now in the Manga and Anime, Nami is Sexy and often only wear a Bikini top. As the episode goes longer, she grew to be more would know what I mean. But this is a Cute version so they make her to a Chibi version.

She was given a feature for spraying water but you need to soak  her in the water and press the button at her back of her head to let the air out and water in.

Now my opinion was she do look cute but I think she could look better... the side view make her face look flat... You can see the water spray opening at the top of her weapon.

All in all Nami still look good and balance rather well. She would be more stable when she stand on her base tho.

That's Nami for you. Two more to go!

What do you think of this Nami?

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