LUGSing Extravaganza 2014

I was glad to take to time to head down to LUGSing Extravaganze 2014 which is organised by a group of fans of LEGO.

I although the event was not as big as I expected, I was impressed by the quality of the display and the effort they put together as a free entrance event.

Here was the first thing that impressed me when I step in. A LEGO city contribute by LEGO fans!!

Now there are many details and easter egg but I can only show some here due to limited space. Here are some of the shot. The train station...

More of the trains and tracks....

The modern Police station...

Starwars building and clown robbing banks....

Ghostbusters heading to work and stop before the ERP system to avoid paying ERP.

Ferrari showroom with these year special sport cars....

And the Shell station hidden inside the city and of course the Elfie tower.

Four colorful building stood out I must say. Funky town.

Here are some video
A video posted by LEon (@openthetoy) on

A video posted by LEon (@openthetoy) on

The fans also did the whole series of mini-figures on display.

There's also a war scene with castle much remind me of Lord of the Rings....

A video posted by LEon (@openthetoy) on

There are LEGO pixel arts pieces or some called Star wars Mosaic

There were a series of all the X-wing fighters in the history of LEGO and this is the first generation. Look good!

Here is one of the custom built but the X-wing is actually a old official series too. 

Now here are some of the custom like the creator cars series....

Custom flying creature scene called Ambush!

This piece is Titans creation where the old war scene of tanks travel through a portal and become robots fight scene.

Here's a Forest by DC

The classic space!!

Blacktron with Neo green parts.

These are the classic build of LEGO figures that remind me of LEGOLand

Now here are some of my personal favorite. The Marina Bay sand!

Even the back has the details.

A video posted by LEon (@openthetoy) on

Here is the famous Taj Mahal done by a elderly gentlemen which told me this was assemble about decade ago and the white bricks gave a good texture of how Taj Mahal would be.

He even did the Totoro cat base out of his own creativity and I love it!

The event also have some hourly games for visitor to interact and also some LEGO for sales. For a pure fan standard, I certainly think it is wonderful and we need to encourage and support in hope if it is happening next year, it would be more fun and grand!

Good work Singapore LEGO fans!

Here is the facebook page for more details or photo I may have left out.

Keep building!


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