1/144 ZOIDS Command Wolf

Going to review a fun model kit which I assemble recently. It's the 1/144 Command Wolf  ZOIDS.

This version is originated for the 30th Anniversary of ZOIDS

These kit is very beginner friendly as there are decal applied parts...

Some part were even painted like some metallic silver on the teeth and claws

Even the tiny pilot was painted. Awesome can saved time. LOL

There are decal given too if some want to repaint or add more decal.

The anniversary special come with a base and it was fully painted!! Look at the shading!

The process of putting together need quite some time as the part are small but it pay off nonetheless.

The finished figure can do various pose like pounding or running.

You can pose the Wolf on higher ground...

Or pose him like staying low for a sudden action....

In many way, this Command Wolf offer many wolf looking pose and look great.

Now let's me bring in the 1/144 Build Burning Gundam for size comparison. Look like Gundam walking his pet dog. LOL

Gundam giving order to his pet to attack?!

I can see they bond well now like master and his dog....

Well what can I say, this command wolf look great with Gundam.

They compliement each other. ya?

PS: For a limited time only, We are offering a special price for anyone in Singapore to get this Command Wolf kit for just SGD$18 on our facebook page. Just leave your comment there!


Anonymous said…
I really appreciate this post as I've hemming and hawing for the longest time on how it scales with 1/144 gunpla. Now I know!

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