Why I love Transformers Animated

Not too long ago, Transformers Animated complete season DVD was released and when I heard about that news, I was overjoy. Why? because I love the Transformers Animated.

When this series was out, many old Transformers fans had mixed feeling that the animation illustration was childish and all that. I was not surprised as even up to today, there are some "Hardcore" Transformers fan would not pick this version as their favourite.

But to me, I would pick this series as one of my favorite even up to this point of time when I was writing this post. Here are my reason why.

1. Everyone begin somewhere
This series started plainly from a humble beginning where Optimus Prime is young and leading a young repair team at some remote location. It was a hard team to lead as Bumblebee was too playful, Bulkhead who was too simple minded, Prowl who was full of himself and the old Ratchet who could not stand the young inexperience teammates.

However fate has it that they found the All spark and they grew together in the series to work as a team.

This was more attractive to me to follow the development of the characters.

2. Recreated Drawing
When the first drawing of the Transformers animated was out, many said it's too kiddish but I love it.

Firstly this was suppose to be a reboot of Transformers to the newer generation of viewer. Compare to the block or squarish cartoon of the G1, Derrick Wyatt who was the artist of Transformers Animated did a great job to bring new life and character in the 2D drawing.

Not only the character design look good as animation, the design of the 3D toys kept most of the design look.

One such evidence comes from the reaction of my child. Among all my Transformers toys, his favorite was those Transformers Animated even thought he watched Transformers Prime too. It should be the drawing and the design that appeal to kids.

3. Human characters was just nice
It is a tradition to have some human in the Transformers series as the back drop was on planet Earth. In all of the episode, you can see the focus for Transformers Animated are still on the Autobots and not too much on the human.

I watched almost all of the Transformers series that I can only stand the human in Transformers Animated. The screen time is just nice.

One of the wild thing in Transformers history that in this series, there was this episode that the 5 Autobots became human and it was quite fun to watch.

4. A believable good ending
It is only fair for all drama to have a good ending and at the grand finale was more than I expected.

I love it that they did not make Optimus Prime the same level with Megatron as it make it more believable. I love the angle for this series and responsibility not solely on Optimus Prime to save the day. It was the team effort and individual contribution that makes the victory.

In summary, this Transformers Animated is a class of its own. You do not need to know any background story of the Transformers history. You can start watching and the simple storyline would make you grow to love the characters.

It is good to own this DVD collection for keeping it and re-watched it once in awhile with my kid. In fact, he has been watching catching up this series than the G1 Transformers and Transformers Prime.

A big thank you to a friend to get this collection for me.

That being said, there will be another animated series coming from Transformers Robot in disguise that will be starting soon and it's story line was where Transformers Prime left off.

Do you love Transformers Animated too?


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