LEGO Custom Wall.E

Since I have shared EVE, it make prefect sense to share Wall.E... but it is really possible to have a Wall.E with that scale? Here is the answer.

Here's Wall.E discover the plant in the shoe...

He notice something is approaching...

It's EVE!!

EVE came online!

And all 3 of the Wall.E custom LEGO are here!

Since I have a Wall.E toy from thinkway way back, here is a scale comparison between the LEGO custom and official toy.

I have EVE too! See the difference?

A close up of the plant in the shoe... Simple built with LEGO pieces of 4 pieces....

But the real EVE have some additional features of hatch opening to put the plant in like the movie...

This custom LEGO built look good in term of scale and with simple parts, it can capture most of Wall.E iconic characters.

What else can you ask for more correct?

Do you like these custom LEGO built Wall.E?


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