LEGO Custom Wall.E M.O

Wall.E a pixar animated movie which not much human dialogue where the leads are Robots who hardly speak human languages. Among them, there are many of which capture the hearts of the audience.

MO was one of those robot that stand out for his role in cleaning and have a sense of keeping the place clean. He cannot help it as he was program that way.

It's pretty hard to find the figure now and when I chance upon that some LEGO bricks can make one, I jump into that!

Disclaimer: This is not official product of LEGO in term of character just some fan built using LEGO bricks.

This figure allow some degree of articulation such as moving the head up and down 

Both of the arms can also move up and down in some degrees... 

The only downside is that the figure cannot allow any rolling like the movie but that's understandable as this is ultimately still a LEGO made.

To stage it to do what it should do, I have try to digitally put some dirt to make it close to the movie as possible. Hehehe 

This is certainly a good built for this character.

Do you fancy MO as well?


Catia Zílio said…

I want to ride my son. Could you tell me which parts you used for the model?
Ana-kim Rondeau said…
Can you show me how did it please!

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