LEGO Custom EVE from Wall.E

Today we have a new directive. Today we are going to introduce you a custom EVE from Wall.E.

I know some of you may not really think this is EVE as the head is not rounded enough but to the scale and the mini brick needed this is as good as it gets.

Now let me turn on EVE. 

Now she is operational!

If you must know, the eyes light up due to the light source projection from behind.

Now like EVE in the movie, she can open her wings or some may call it hands...

You may also notice the green button on her chest which suppose to be like light indication that she found the plant in the movie.

The head is rotatable all 360 degree around.

This Eve was built close to scale with the MO that we talk about earlier..

I think I will shut her down until something happen and let MO do the cleaning...

What do you think of this custom EVE?


Catia Zílio said…
What parts did you use for the model?

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