Game Start 2014 Started

I always wanted Singapore to have a good game show with some of the branded console officially just like T3 in Amercia and my wait was over as this year Singapore is having Game Start 2014.

The opening ceremony was attended by Deput President of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia, Hiroyuki Oda.

Sony and Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic is working of grooming local talent to be game developer and there is a signing of the agreement at the opening of the event.

It follow by gift presentation to each other.

Here is the official Sony Playstation area and it is fabulous in Singapore standard!

There was display of limited PS4 such as this Dragon Quest version with chrome silver...

There are other color theme releasing in the days to come for PS4 and PSVITA.

The event allow anyone to have a chance to try out some of the latest game and console.

In such grand event there will be good looking show girls too.

For Sony there are various PS4 at the event for everyone to try out the latest game and admire the graphic and gameplay.

For the two days, these are the line up events that Sony will be giving out some prices for the activities. One of the main booth is for race car drivers to try out the latest Driveclub.

In that booth, there are challenges open to anyone to participate during the event and win some prices.You need to register tho...

There is a special area that have M18 rating games and they do not allow any photography even for the media as it is the area of preview games such as Bloodborne, Far Cry 4, The Evil Within and much more. Don't worry, it is not scary and no, there isn't any nudity...or at least not that I remember. LOL

Bandai Namco also having their own preview area which you have to queue man it is long queue...

You get to try God Eater 2, Gundam Breaker 2, Godzilla, Dragonball Xenoverse and DeadIsland 2.

There are also good looking game girls to assist you on some game inquiries not that you need one if you are gamers but you know...

One important thing was PS4 is having good discount prices at that event and if you trade in a old console you get $100 off if you are getting a PS4. No explanation needed on why there are so long queue...

There is also a Capcom Pro Tour Asia for Street Fighter where all the pro in that game came to challenge each other.

There are also 2 Xbox console set up for challenging each other in that event if you want to try how good you are.

On the topic of Xbox One, there are quite a number of xbox one booth with various games like this Final Fantasy and also some console with other games for you to try on XBOX ONE.

There was one booth called Versxs City that is like a time machine...

Why I said time machine, it has many working console for you to play for free!!! Some of it I totally forgotten it actually existed!! All working!!!

Here's one SNES which I owned once and the same game that I played in my younger days! Dragonball somemore!!

If you think there's all, you are wrong. There are some retro games some of it in mint condition on sales!

Gamestart is cosplay friendly and The Neo Tokyo Project was there to help out.

I would end the review here as there are just too many to talk about but it is best you as a gamer to experience it yourself. It is a game show which mean you have to go there and play the games to see how good or not it is.

The ticket is at SGD$8 and I have to say for the price is really worth it as this is the closest gaming event to T3 and if you are a Singapore gamer, please support this event so that the organizer would be able to bring in bigger and better game show.

Last of all, here is  Alyse the mascot of GameStart 2014.

Do note to give yourself about at least 2 to 3 hours for you to queue and try out the various games at the event.

Tell us what you like or don't like about Game Start 2014.


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