Figma The Thinker Coming

Something interesting is coming our way. I always love classic statue and The Thinker was one of those famous statue many know of. Now it is going to make as a poseable figure!

This is a brillant design retaining to it's original pose if you want to display it as a table piece as it is going to be in 15.5cm in height.

Or if you are bored, you can start posing him anyway you like. Such as The Thinker suddenly thought of an idea!

And he ran as a Olympic runner...

Then he suddenly forgot what the idea was or thought that he may overlooked some details that it does not work...

And then get back to thinking again....

Simple paint but brilliant idea. Interesting piece of art or toy to get. LOL

This toy is schedule to release in May 2015 at 3,420 Yen.


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