STGCC 2014 Enterbay

Another good display booth at STGCC this year is Enterbay with it always Zen look and good white LED lighting for everyone to have some proper photography.

One of the highlight that get many attentions was the 1/4 scale of Mr. Bean! Oh the likeness!

Another was the aged Jean-Claude Van Damme for SGD$237.00. If you buy 2 items at STGCC, you will entitled to 10% discount.

Enterbay also have it's classic Robocop but at 1/4th scale and the detail is good too as it is bigger and much easier to see those tiny details

Here are some Basketball display that is similar to last year but some more new products

There are Hongkong movie "As the light goes out" about Fireman.

Each is selling at SGD $235.00

More toys on the next post!!

Hot toys Booth
XM Studio Booth
ACG HongKong Comic Toy
Transformers Related Toy


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