Shell V-Power LEGO® Collection #ReadySetBuild Event

I was invited to a SHELL event regarding the new Shell V-Power LEGO® Collection at Raffles City in the morning with good brunch at Wooloomooloo Steakhouse.

One of the highlight for me was to build LIVE at the event our given LEGO Shell Ferrari car and I was given a Ferrari 250 GTO

I did what I love best. Open the Toy!! On the first sight, it seems an easy job to assemble. 

With clear instruction sheet given, this would be easy for a 5 minutes job. Boy was I wrong....

One of the unique feature of these series was the pull back action which LEGO did for these series and I have to say the mechanism of the pull back and letting it go was more powerful than I have expected.

It took me almost 10 minutes to get familiar with the pieces and also applying the stickers....Most LEGO fans I know dread to stick stickers as it would be a make it or break it task....

I ended up applying the stickers with my clumsy thick fingers (with short finger nails some more). Not to shabby I supposed...Still look good.

There was some bigger scale LEGO of the Ferrari at the ground floor of Raffles City Singapore. 

Since it was the F1 weekend, many are so crazy about these display. These are completely built by LEGO with some decals. 

Everyone was snapping the photos and admiring the built. 

If such a small car took me around 15 minutes to build, I wonder how much time and effort were spent on this bigger and detail display.

At Raffles City this weekend, there are some fun activities such as the Pull-and-Go Challenge.

One of which is giving you a timing to complete the built of a given LEGO Ferrari car. 

Also a memory games for children to play. 

At the road show, if you want the whole set of this series of Shell V-Power LEGO® Collection, all you need is to buy a SGD$500 SHELL petrol voucher which you can slowly used later.

I am growing on these series but I don't drive. Oh well.


Jcee said…
That is soooo coool! I wish they did this promotion here! I will go Shell all the way! lol
LEon said…
@Jcee SHell is wise in their marketing to sell coupon for fans to collect these collectibles.

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