Master Stars Piece Vegeta

It's Dragonball Tuesday and today I have the pleasure to share with you another great Dragonball figure from Master Stars Pieces from Banpresto. It's the Super Saiyan Vegeta!

The box did a better job in presentation for Vegeta in my opinion compare to Son Gokou 2 in the previous series.

Out of box, the figure do look exactly like the packaging from the back!

Here is the whole complete look of Vegeta out of packaging and it look great from the color tone, painting and sculpting.

First I find the color of the Super Saiyan hair was done just right. The simple body tight suit was exactly the same from the Manga.

The pose and proportion was also accurate as Vegeta is not really tall but have a bigger torso and small butt. Regardless this figure was quite heavy but have good balance in term of display.

These spacesuit was Vegeta choice in every of his battle scene. The detail of the boot was good.

Vegeta had basically done away any armor since his youth and now it's all about power and agility.

The shading of the color tone of the skin define the cutting of muscles was brilliant.

But the best of all that trigger me to collect these series was the scale. That is correct. Vegeta in scale look correct as Goku in the Manga are a bit taller than him.

Back to back with Goku still look good together don't you agree?

If you place them face to face, it do suggest some awkward situation here...

Nonetheless, these figure are really awesome and it definitely worth the money to have them as display in my toy collections.

I would be looking closely on these Masterstars Piece series and if there's anymore I find it is good, I will review over at this site.

Do you like this Vegeta?


Jcee said…
This Vegeta looks VERY good! Good haul!

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