1/6 Original Effect Soul Buster ZhouYu

Something caught my eyes recently and it was from Original Effect having a good looking 1/6 figure.

Apparently she was one of the character in a Chinese Manga Soul Buster 《侍灵演武》 and she was Zhou Yu 周瑜. It was suppose to be a character game character from a fictional Romance of three Kingdom.

The close up of the figure of her having anime looking feature with a more Japanese style helmet...

Her style are more mixed between medieval and Japanese armor.

Even the sword was more western style...

Having a mixed of Japanese sailor school girl uniform and some armor...

When the helmet is off, she do look really sweet with hair casted in flowing position. It was told to have moveable eyes for user to move the eye position. Interesting.

Here's the back view with helmet off.

These figure comes with lot of goodies along with the card game.

It is schedule to release in Feburary 2015.

Are you interested in this figure?


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