TMNT 2007 Movie Michelangelo

Michelangelo is one of the TMNT that everyone loves. I mean who would say he/she hate Mikey right? So among the series I was excited for Mikey but this was one that destroy this series of figure.

Here is the packaging of the Michelangelo...Notice anything outstanding?

Why you may asked? Because of his eyes that determine the expression. Here's a comparison of the Mikey in the movie and the actual toy... See his eyes?

Now you may say maybe I was unlucky to grab one of this (thankfully this was a gift for my birthday some years back) but No, all of the Mikey was painted in this way!! I wonder what was the intention of the maker of these toys.....

The card stated the Bio of Mikey and even the toy photo of Mikey look kind of the same...

Out of box, Mikey look good (except the face)...

The back look really awesome (because cannot see the silly look of it's face) and the Nunchakus look great hanging at the back of his shell.

With out much effect, the Nunchaku can put of Mikey's hands and he is off in action.With that look and Nunchas, really let the enemies to think twice as it is like a mad man swing those Nunchas away. LOL

Another accessories that comes with this figure was a skateboard which Mikey love to travel with.

This is one plain Skateboard which to me I think Mikey would have decorate it even a little....

At the bottom was as plain as the top. If you must know, the wheels do roll but not as smooth as you expect it to be.

Okay time to get Mikey up on this skateboard!

The figure balance well on this skateboard but as I mention, the wheels are not so smooth to roll in particular but allow good balance when standing.,.

I wish there were more good features I can talk about Mikey but still the painted eyes really bother me. I guess this is what Mikey would say...

Yes he is not silly nor crazy. So why did this happen to him?

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