LEGO Microfighters 75032 X-Wing Fighter

One of my all time favorite and I bet many are was the X-wing fighter in Starwars. When the Microfighters has a release, I knew I have to get one!

It is not only a vehicle and a mini figure,it comes with an R2! but it is just the head of R2. LOL

It took me just about 20 minutes to put this 97 pieces together and I love the design overall. Really cute.

First thing first, LEGO did design this with consistency of having the X-Wing's wings to have open to X position.

The back view was quite plain but still you can see some engine lighting from the back.

On the side, the scale look really SD. The four missiles on each of the wings would shoot off.

There is a Droid head included to be place at the top of the X-wings.

This Droid suppose to be an assistance pilot if the pilot is down...

Now a review on the X-wing pilot who have a short blaster for self defense.

This LEGO figure provide 2 facial expression which allow the user to switch the expression by turning the head.

The detail on the helmet is well printed too.

Now with this, it is a good company with my LEGO MicroFighter Interceptor. They make a great pair. 

Overall I find this is a good LEGO for Starwars fans with a reasonable price tag. Great for desk display.

Okay that's all for now. Time to take off!


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