Hottoys Transformers Optimus Prime Coming

Hottoys has been doing many things but it never crossed my mind they will do Hasbro Transformers. Even if they did, I would expect they do the movie version. Instead they went for the G1 Optimus prime with a twist....

This Optimus Prime has great detail with realistic weather effect painting on it. He is standing 30cm tall and has over 36 points of articulations.

The twist here is this is Starscream version which mean Optimus Prime has Starscream's parts.

Parts like wings and rifles mountable.

You can mount the rifles to the shoulders as well.

Optimus prime will comes with a pair of palms with movable fingers.

His eyes will glow as it has White light LED that need battery....

The best part Optimus prime can open his chest to revile  reveal LED light up Matrix of Leadership!! The special edition will comes with Starscream's head. You can imagine what happen to him and how Optimus Prime get the accessories...

For display purposes, it comes with rocky ground diorama base with a Autobots' logo

It was said to release in the third quarter of 2015 which is quite a long way. You can expect the pricing to be much higher than some other Hottoys movie lines...

In case you are wondering will this Optimus Prime can transform? The answer so far is No.

What do you think of this Optimus Prime Transformers lover?


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