Transformers Prime Sharkticon Megatron

From the first time I gazed on this Megatron, I know I got to have it if the price is right. In fact this was the only Megatron from the Transformers Prime I wanted to get over the rest.

Meet Sharkticon Megatron who is suppose to be a "repaired" version

Why I love this figure, let's me open the toy and walk you through...Now look at the whole outline of this Megatron, Isn't him awesome?

Even on the side you can see the awesome chest piece...

On his back, you can see the fin like wings...

As a Shark, the chest pieces give an indication of the fierce look of the sea creature bite...

Even the skin tone was pale blue which to me look Zombie or undead skin. I like it! Can you imagine you have a undead Megatron?

For the weapon of choice, he has a Shark biting Gun as Megatron is known to have fire arms.

It fit him nicely to have a matching weapon.

Wait there is more to the weapon, the gun can transformed into a spear!

Now it look more fearsome as Megatron having a primitive weapon of Melee weapon. 

Robot mode and weapon a side, will the vehicle or disguise form be better? Take a look for yourself!

I would say it look way better than the rest of the Megatron in vehicle mode in the Transformers Prime as it is not like some weird looking plane, this Shark plane mode actually make more sense in term of design.

The head is a shark looking which look like a creature while the wings and side blade look very good and matching in the design.

On the plane, you will see the unique Decepticon logo...

To me this plane mode struck more fear and lead more people to respect and take this Megatron seriously. 

I never regret getting this zombie looking Sharkticon Megatron.  What about you?

Is it worth it?


I like the color as it's Sharkicon colour scheme. Something we could relate to G1. The robot mode is outstanding and the vehicle mode is unique in its own way ^_^

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