Toy Universe Takashimaya 2014 Transformers

Toy Universe is here again at Takashimaya Square Singapore Basement 2 from now till 29 June 2014.

This year much of the floor space was given to Hasbro for the coming Transformers Age of Extinction promotion.

There are some collectors showcase of various version of Optimus Prime...

Also the various Grimlock from G1 to the current movie version...

There are quite a number of lifestyle merchandise like cushion and plushies....

Power bank and Bluetooth speakers...

Of course there are toys too. Such as the latest release of Transformers Generation series...

I really like this mini-con Assault Team. Combi!!

Not forgetting the latest Transformers Age of Extinction figures with regular retail pricing. 

One of the one I am eying is this Voyager Hound. 

There is however a corner that selling exclusive limited edition Transformers 30th Anniversary stuff.

Not toys but Cap, bags, T-shirt and other accessories.

They have iPhone cover and Luggage Tags.. No love for Android users it seems....

Also a whole range of T-shirt. I was told these are limited edition like 60 of each design on sizes.
You can see the sign of Authentic stamp on the T-shirt.

If that is not enough, there is a certification too! Now this is really series Transformers Fan.

If you have children, you can bring them to the LIVE show on various timing to see Bumblebee and Optimus Prime and take photo with them.

Sound Fun for the School holiday yes?

Indeed. More on Toy Universe report later. Stay Tune!!


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