My Visit to Beast Kingdom Taipei Taiwan

I was in Taiwan and was told to Beast Kingdom if I am there. So I did. I went to Beast Kingdom in Zhongxiao Street Taipei in the night time which is the only time I was free.

It was not too hard to find with the help of asking the Taiwanese and they would direct the way if you know the street name. 

So there I was, the Beast Kingdom and from the outside, you can see huge poster of their product. Yes Beast Kingdom actually make their own toys which they obtain licensing rights.

The one level store isn't that big but I spent almost 30 minutes to look at the product. I was welcome by ED-209

I love this store as they welcome people to take photo of the toys trusting them not to touch the displays. Most shop I know would stop you instantly when you take photo of their display. But Beast Kingdom did it right and deserved a review on my blog.

Because of the open concept, I can manage to take detail photo of the ED-209.

And the benefits are you the readers to see the fine details.

Due to the friendly display, I got some loads of photo of the figures from Hot Toys starting with my favorite, The Crow which is the late Brandon Lee

Close up of such likeness...

Arnold, T-800

Sylvester Stallone from Expendable

The Rock from G.I.Joes

The Mandarin from Ironman 3.... You never me coming...

Johnny Depp as Tonto from The Lone Ranger

Adam West Batman and Robin

Since they sell Batman, they sell Batmobile too!

They selling Walking Dead too!

ThreeA The Potral...

There are the Garden Palm'er action figure around 6 inches

These are with real clothing.

Beast Kingdom has their own toys and there are display in the direct view of the entrance.

These cute Marvel Avengers are one of them.

So is this Egg Ironman which are blind pack and I got one of them for fun. Will review that soon. 

One of the coolest is the SD Optimus Prime and if you make a purchase in their store, they will throw in the clear smaller Optimus Prime on the side.

Overall the store is good to view and the worker of that store was friendly to answer some of my inquiry. 

If you visit Taipei Taiwan, try to visit this store at Zhong Xiao Road.

I'm still tired from the trip. Need to rest.


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