Heath Ledger The Dark Knight Joker Capsule

Like many of us, I love the Dark Knight especially for Heath Ledger as The Joker. I was excited to know that there will be a series of Capsule toy release in the market now.

Each of these would cost 400 Yen and it has such likeness of Heath Ledger. These two are from the starting of the show. Remember whatever does not kill you will make you...Stranger....

Here is the first confrontation of The Joker with Batman where he terrorist the city and making a dog face enjoying the night breeze as the Police car drive through the city...

This is one of which from the last back of the movie where The Joker told Batman they are very much like in some ways.

There are total of 5 and I am going to collect it all if I can.

Yes I am serious. :)


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