Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014 entries at Toy Universe

Another main event of Toy Universe at Takashimaya would be Gundam sales and Gundam Model Kit Contest 2014.

For the offers, there are some good ones like these HG Monoeye offers for just SGD$10.00

Wing Gundam 0 going almost 50% discount to SGD$40.00

GFalcon Unit Double X for SGD$40.00

There are others too but do note what you read here was the first day and the stock may be limited. However now and then they may top up. I am not sure but you can go down to try your luck.

Here are some of the latest Model kits from the Gundam Build Fighter series.

The Bear is so popular that they make scale up for it.

Now the main event was the entries display of the Gundam Model Kit 2014 contest...

Here are some entries...

Pink entry! I bet it's a girl.

Heavy armor...

This is awesome in size and painting....

This is unique and strong!

View more of the entries at Facebook here. It's FREE!

If you have the time, pop by the Toy Universe to take a look on those entries in person which is really HD for you. LOL


I always like those sales coverage. I managed to buy the Valvrave 1 before they were all swept!
LEon said…
THanks Dennis. I saw Valvrave too but I didn't get it. LOL

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