Transformers Age of Extinction Toys Madness in SIngapore

Today the Transformers 4 movie Age of Extinction toys are out on sales with the launch event at 10pm at ToysRus Forum Mall Singapore.

I have to say the fans are crazy and exercise good patience to wait to get in to grab the toys that they love. The queue was more than 2 stories high....

Optimus Prime and Bumblebee was there to meet the fans! They look tall and they have bright sparks in their eyes..

There was impressive display of the new series toys like a battle ground.

Here is a video of the starting of the event when the gates at ToysRus is opening up for this event!!

One of the popular figure was Optimus Prime and Grimlock pack. 

Here's how they look outside box. Some many chrome parts.....

Some lucky customer for the first 100 will get this chromes Dinobots!

Here are two of the mini ones too! Limited items...

It is encouraging to see Transformers fan queuing up and participating in this launch.

Now fans just have to wait for June for the movie to be released.


sl619 said…
Wow... The number of ppl in the Singapore launch is even greater than Malaysia. Maybe due to Malaysia's crazy time of starting at 12 midnight.

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