LEGO CREATOR 4916 - Mini Animals: Monkey

Did you know LEGO once did “monkey” business? They certainly did with the LEGO CREATOR 4916 – Mini Animals building toy set released in 2007.

This toy set comes with 77 brick pieces packed two bags and an instruction manual for making any of the three models, Monkey, Bird and Chameleon, designed.

Today I will review the Monkey model. It is cool when I can pose the Monkey model just like the picture on the box.

Various hinges and pegs on the head, limbs and the tail of this monkey model itself. This allows the model to do different action poses. I also think LEGO cleverly used bricks to accurately detail the physical features of the Monkey.

Did you know this forest vegetation model’s brick pieces are included with this toy set? Monkey is very surprised and his jaw is wide opened…

I think this is a unique LEGO toy set. Fellow LEGO MOC (My Own Creations) builders challenge themselves to come up with additional alternate models they can make using this same bricks provided in a set. I am sure both enthusiasts and LEGO MOC builders would love this building toy set very much.

Thank you Yeetat for sharing with us this review.


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