Hello Kitty Bubbly World Kerokerokeroppi McDonalds

Here is the first Bubbly World Hello Kitty release from McDonalds, Kerokerokeroppi!

If you are wondering what is the KERO is, it is actually Japan sound that is from the frog. :)

KeroKeroKeroppi is all in Green box.

The title do stand out due to the contrast in colors of Red and Green.

At the back of the box was the face of Kerokerokeroppi!

Out of the box, Hello Kitty look really cute in this attire. The roundness do stand out more due to the vertical stripes shirt.

On the side, it make you think Kitty going to fall flat anytime. LOL

At the back view is pretty plain.

Here is a close up of Hello Kitty and Kerokerokeroppi. You can see the big eyes of Kerokerokeroppi that stood out.

Even at the low angle, you get to see Kerokerokeroppi's eyes. The black bow tie is pretty cute.

So the story so far in Singapore mcDonalds are Kerokerokeroppi and My Melody...

Which do you prefer more? Keroppi or My Melody Hello kitty?


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