Hello Kitty Bubbly World Osaru No Monkichi McDonalds

It's another new week and it is time McDonald releasing another Bubbly World Hello Kitty. This time is the Monkey of the Mountain which translate in Japanese would be Osaru No Monkichi.

This character Osaru No Monkichi is brown and like the other in the series, Sanrio has put the face at the back of the box.

Cut the case and time to Open the Toy!!

Wait! I think he is opening itself!! Oh it's the Monkey head alright with the Monkey's ears...

Finally Hello Kitty's face is out too!

Like the others in the series, this toy won't be able to stand well by itself. The horizontal blue and white stripes make this kitty look fatter. 

Yet  on the side, you will not notice if there was tummy. Maybe because he do a lot of exercise...

At the back shows some flaws like for one, the monkey's tail was missing yet the character named Osaru No Monkichi do have a long thin tails.

See it should a long curl tail....

A close up on the facial features of Hello Kitty and Osaru No Monkichi which is on Kitty's head. Cute!!

As this figure was not well balance with the two little feet, it is normally allow the figure to fall on his back. You can see the Golden arc on the sole of it's feet.

In my humble opinion, this is the second cutest in the series. I love the color combination like blue and white stripes shirts.

Is this Osaru No Monkichi one of your favorites in this series? Or there is another?


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