Gundam Unicorn Episode 7 Over the Rainbow Screening Singapore

There say the ending of the matter is always better than the beginning. It is true in the final episode of the Gundam Unicorn series. To think back, we have been following this series for 4 years!! I remember watching from Episode 1 and I tell myself to follow this to the end.

As usual the queue is long yet everyone is orderly and excited to see the conclusion of this series.

So how was the ending of Gundam Unicorn? Is it as sad as the ending in the novel? Well I have to say I like many of the fans are happy to see the anime or movie series has a good ending. It is indeed a turning of a new century for the NewType.

Due to the good ending, after the movie, many rushed to the ToysRus outlet where the exclusive are on sale just for that day. The movie limited edition all having movie cover and great arts.

I particularly love this cover which give the romance age of the UC. Some mention this look like Starwars cover which do have some resemblance. 

The limited edition look great without much coloring needed. 

This is the Mechanical Clear Unicorn Gundam Destroy mode. Just look at the details inside.  

After the whole screening, we have a discussion on what to look out for since we follow this series and we all glad to say the next one to look out for is The Origin of the One Year War.  I just hope it would not be another 4 years long series to follow.

Lastly I want to thank Bandai and Shengtai for making all the 7 screening a success and it is really fun for Gundam fans to sit under one roof and watch on a big screen something we all love since growing up.


Unknown said…
Ty for your hardwork!

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