TakaraTomy ANIA Hippopotamus

It is time to introduce another Animal toys from TakaraTomy Ania series. Today is Hippopotamus which most of us call the short name Hippo.

Hippo are only found in Africa and I have some respect for this animal. Due to his size and mass, not many would choose him for target. They mainly live in the water.

Most Hippo toys I know would either have Hippo to have a open mouth but TakaraTomy did a good job to offer the open and close mouth option for kids to play.

Now Hippo, please say AH!

As massive as Hippo is, he is herbivorous but do not be fool by that as his powerful jaw can do some serious damage. Their nature are also not as friendly as you think. In fact they are rank in Africa the most dangerous animal.

If you happen to take a boat and you see a Hippo, you need to avoid at all cost as they are as dangerous if not much more dangerous than Crocodiles.

They are much feared by Africa and Egyptian when the Hippo are in the water. So if you happen to be chase by Hippo, do not lead them to the water as once they are in the water, they will move much more faster than on land.

Now the question remain if the Crocodiles confronted with the Hippo, who do you think it will win?

Chances are the Hippo will win.

So keep a distance if you see the Hippo. They are not as friendly as you think they were.


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