LEGO Creator 7346 Beach House Review 2

Today will be reviewing the 2nd form of LEGO Creator Beach House. This version is also a double story beach house but a more smaller in foot size.

Let's look at it as a overall building from the front...

The left side...

The back...

And the right side.

In this version of the beach house, there was a private Dock.

and some sandy beach which you can place the crab again.

The first level come with a glass door and a poach light.

A beach bench to chill out while drinking...

There's a decoration plant at the side...doesn't look like a fruit tree tho...

One thing I love about the first level was the side window which can be open and closed.

On the left side, there is a stairs to reach up to the next level.

The door on the second level was a wooden door which can be open and close for entry and exit.

There is a balcony on level 2 for a look out.

This version allow the removal of the second level for the ease of playing in the building of ground level.

You can see there isn't much room in level 1 but I am not complaining as using the same amount of LEGO pieces, there must be a compromise in design.

Personally I like this design too as it is unique and it is enough floor space for one or two LEGO figurines to play and interact. 

So let's bid farewell of this version as I will do an final review on the third form of this LEGO Creator 7346 Beach House.

Don't worry, I am sure we will see this form again real soon.

You may also like to check out the first form of the Beach House which has a bigger floor space of this same set.

Share with me your thoughts.

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