LEGO Creator 7346 Beach House Review 1

In the summer time when the weather is hot. When I saw this set of LEGO creator, this song came to my mind. Eventually I pay for this set to play.

The question I asked myself what make me want to get this playset? The obvious answer would be this is not just 1 set of playset but 3! That mean I am paying the price for 3 instead of 1.

Here are the different playset I can construct with this same playset. First a single level beach house with a beach hut that make drinks.

Second, a 2 stories beach house with a dock.

The third a bigger floor area 2 stories beach house. I am going to review this version first.

It did take me some time to make this set but if you follow the instruction and read properly to use the correct part, you should not have any trouble. After like 45 minutes (which I took my own sweet time), I have done it!

This beach house have quite a lot of details and if this is a actual Beach house, this would be a beach house would have very good daytime lighting as there are plenty of windows.

This set even come with a white seagull sitting on a coconut tree.... As you can see the seagull is eying on the Crab.

Let me introduce the LEGO minifigure that come with this playset. I call him Oliver. the surfer.

He can actually surf in this playset design as there are waves constructed. The playset comes with a Fish and a crab (which is unique for this playset).

The fish is mainly for BBQ purposes as there is a BBQ Grill set for that in this Beach house design.

After Surfing and cooking, a good time to take a bath which is at the side of the house. There are even Towel provided!

All you need is to have a good cleaning.

Look back at the house design, there are total of 2 doors to enter the house. One from the ground floor which is a glass door. There are good air veneration as the two windows at the side can open and close the panel.

Another door would be on the second story which you can walk up the stairs.

One of the design I love about this set was this design allow big windows panel that can be open.

This design let you to put the character with your hands because you can reached in.

At this point you may observed internally there is yet another ladder that reached to the ground floor. If you need to play from the first story, you can always request it to remove the top floor in LEGO.

As you can see the top floor can be easily removed while it stay intact.

You can put back the top part back to the top anytime.

All in all, I love this LEGO design and if I would have a beach house down at the Kokomo, I would hope it would like this.

Oliver is having a good time for a Cold beer.

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