K'NEX Pacman

Sometime ago my kid start to be interested in Pacman. He didn't get the interest in playing the retro video game but because of him watching youtube of the latest Pacman cartoon. And when he saw the Pacman toys in retail outlet, he requested to have one.

These Pacman toys comes in different sizes and since he is a child, I decided to get the smaller size ones and it was the blind pack.

I was on a mission to get a Pacman for him and it is not really hard as these blind pack figures are kinda obvious because of their shape. All you need to do is to feel it. Pacman is round. One pack comes with 2 figures.

With not much effort, I got what I wanted. It's Pacman and a Ghost.

These Pacman look decent with arms and feet. By default if you look from the front view, you will always see a smiling Pacman.

The arms and feet are articulated to a certain extend.

The other is a Blue ghost which is a form in the classic Pacman ripe to be eaten or bitten by Pacman.

The Ghost come with a plastic clear stand that simulate it is floating and you can remove the eye pieces to simulate being eaten by Pacman.

Well here's come Pacman!!! Run Ghost start Run!!

It is a bad day to be a ghost when Pacman is on form to hunt.

I didn't watch the cartoon series so I am not really sure what is the plot and rules for this new Pacman series.

Do you like Pacman??


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