Ben 10 Omniverse Omni-Kit Feedback

I have been watching Ben10 with my kid for sometime and when I saw Ben10 having Model kit, I am interested to see how does it fair. For that I got a hold of Feedback from Ben10 to have this review.

Since it is from Bandai which have a good record in plastic injection to make Gundam Model kit, they uses that expertise to have model kit for Ben10 series. This Model kit is fast build with no cutting tools needed, glue or paint. Something that suitable for a lazy person like me. LOL

Under the model kit series, there are Feedback, Gravattack, Xlr8 and Heatblast.

The model kit is indeed simple as there are just 4 plastic molds, a skeleton frame and a sticker.

You just need to check against the number of kit parts against the instruction sheets.

The skeleton of the movement of the body has very much to do with this main skeleton piece.

As you can see, the joints allow articulations.

The hardest work in the process was to align the tiny stickers on various part of the body according to the instructions.

Here how the body look like with the stickers properly applied.

For the head, stickers are applied on the teeth and the eye.

Next you just need to add the parts of the arms.

Close up on Feedback. Pretty decent.

Here is the front view of Feedback.

Getting it to stand is easy as it has a pose-able tail that can add as support.

Overall the parts of the model kit can be adjusted to various pose but sadly the parts can be loose and when I get it to pose for some position, some parts just fall off. Unless I resort to super glue it, if not it can never do some pose.

On one end the model kit resemble the character well but it can never be handle like a real toy in term of playing.

As model kit joy is assembling, I have to say this is a simple model kit and easy to be satisfy to complete it. It would be easy for children above certain age group to assemble.

Come, give Feedback a big hug won't you?



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