Transformers Prime Dreadwing

Dreadwing, one of the Decepticon that I love in the Transformers Prime series. For the toy, it bring justification to grab this beauty.

He appear in deluxe and voyager class and I have to get this voyager class as it is the best that have to offer from Hasbro.

The back of the package offers that write up on this toy but I am not really into the accessories...okay maybe just the sword but the blaster maybe not so much.

It is a tradition for Hasbro to have technical or Bio data and from the data you can give a gauge how smart of powerful this character was. Dreadwing,  a fierce-some character with a good sense of intergity that met with a sad ending in the series. For that I have to get this character!

Time to Open the Toy!!!

So here is Dreadwing with good balance built to this figure. 

The back of Dreadwing allow you to see his wings with proud display of Decepticon logo.

The side view of Dreadwing are pretty beef up.

A close up of Dreadwing of his facial could be better but the likeness was there.

He comes with 2 accessories. A sword and a blaster.

The Blaster has a gimmick LED when you transform the blaster which should make kids happy.

I prefer him having a sword any day. Of course that's my personal preferences. The sword however look small for his size.

You can put the blaster on his hand and full extend it with a finger...

You should be able to see the LED light when you do.

You can store both weapons on his back in Robot mode and it look good. 

Time for it to transform to a Jet mode and it seems tradition to see if they are able to be in a walker mode from Macross series and this Dreadwing can! Bonus!!

Ok Jet mode. Look really nice. One of the best Jet mode I have seen for a long time from Transformers. Totally worth it!

Not a everyday sight to be able to see Decepticon or Autobot logo on current Transformers design...but this one do. I like!! 

Even on the side mode, the Jet mode look pretty balance of how a Jet proportion should be.

You may mount the weapon on the back of the Jet but it just does not appeal to me on that option.

Overall I really love this Dreadwing and it was one of those figures that flew out of the shelves. I was bless to able to get hold of one without much hesitation.

An awesome figure worthly of a Decepticon Seeker.  Love it!!

Do you love this Dreadwing too?


this a new release? I would love to get this one.... the jet mode looks awesome - I like!!!
LEon said…
Released for quite long time ago. Now no more Transformers Prime...

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