Transformers Prime Beast Hunter Voyager Optimus Prime

Today I am reviewing Optimus Prime from the Transformers Prime Beast Hunter series.

This is version is the upgrade version of Optimus Prime in the Beast Hunter series. Obviously he is more buff up with ability for taking flight.

At the back of the packaging showing both robot and vehicle mode. As you can see this Optimus Prime in both mode have more reference of the Generation 1 form.

Let's talk about the vehicle mode first. It retain much of G1 trunk looks but because this series is for Beast Hunter, they upgrade him with more fearsome look by adding additional armor.

In my personal opinion, I prefer Optimus prime in the flat front Truck look.

There are two projectile blasters for Optimus prime which is great fun to play with.

In the vehicle mode, you can mount them each on the side of the vehicle. Ready to fire away.

Another weapon is the sword and the green translucent blade make the toy look cool!

At the top of the vehicle you can mount the sword.

It is a good design as you can ensure no loose parts which is great for display.

At the back of the vehicle however the look was quite lacking as you can see the feet and it does not really resemble any back of the vehicle.

Regardless the plus point was in vehicle mode, the wheels are smooth to roll about which is great fun to play roll out! :D

Okay time to Transform and here are some snap shots of the transformation.

First a close up on the head of Optimus Prime. You can see somehow the jaw of Optimus Prime for this version is not as board as it was in the animation.

As a voyager class, this Optimus Prime is in the right scale. I took it side by side with Shockwave as he is consider the larger size of voyager class.

The articulation of the figure is decent and you can pose some good pose like having Optimus Prime to be hold on each hand the blaster.

Here I am trying to do the classic pose of Optimus Prime pointing the blaster in one hand to the sky while looking up. I spread the wings to open up to give it a better looking effect.

I can put both blasters together in one hand to make it look more powerful.

Or I can place them at the back of his back to act as a Jet pack. LOL

Now time to wield the sword that suppose to slay some beast.

Since we are talking about the beast, it is time to get Predaking to join in the shoot. You can see the size difference here although both are voyager class.

Now in the Transformers 4 the movie trailer, we seen Optimus Prime ridding Grimlock as a Dino form. I was thinking could this Optimus Prime ride on Predaking.

Surprising it was a good fit!!

It seems like Predaking became his mount. Lol

The only down side I have to say that there was not an Autobot logo found on this toy.

Nonetheless. this Optimus Prime will grow on you as it did to me. Both vehicle mode and robot mode look good and fun to pose and play.

If you are a hardcore fan of G1 Optimus Prime, this Optimus Prime should be your liking.


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